Floral Foams & More

Improve flower life and prevents prevent premature petal and stem burn and wilting

Oasis Designer Block

Oasis Designer Block

Oasis Cylinder Cone

Oasis Spheres

Oasis Sculpting Sheet

Oasis Netted Spheres

Oasis Iglu Grande Holder

Oasis Tribute Cage Holder

Oasis FloraCage Holder

Syndicate Brick Cage ⅓

Syndicate Brick Cage ⅔

Syndicate Brick Cage 1⅔

Oasis Jumbo Cage

Oasis Mom

Oasis Dad

Oasis Mache Round Wreath

Syndicate Wreath 18"

Syndicate Wreath 22"

Syndicate Wreath 24"

Oasis Mache Cross

Syndicate Cross 20"

Syndicate Cross 24"

Syndicate Cross 30"

Syndicate Cross 36"

Syndicate Heart 12"

Syndicate Heart 18"

Syndicate Heart 24"

Oasis Mache Solid Heart

Syndicate Solid Heart 12"

Syndicate Solid Heart 18"

Syndicate Solid Heart 24"

Oasis Lomey Pedestal

Oasis Lomey Pew Holder

Oasis Lomey Pew Clip

Oasis Brick Cage

Syndicate Snap Cage Open Base

Syndicate Snap Cage Closed Base

Oasis Waterproof Tape

Oasis Cutting Tools

Oasis Bullion Wire

Oasis Metallic Wire

Oasis Diamond Wire

Oasis Rustic Wire

Oasis Bind Wire

Syndicate Easel

Oasis Single Bowl

Oasis Double Bowl

Oasis Everyday Dish

Oasis O'Bowl Container

Syndicate Casket Saddle

Oasis Bucket Cone

Oasis Sympathy Basket

Oasis UGlu Dashes

Oasis Lomey Adhesive